​​Raíz de Agua

  1. Donde Cruzan los Brujos
    The Sorcerers' Crossing The Sorcerer finds a way to break through her prejudice and subjective dispositions that imprison her perception and keep her within the boundaries of everyday reality. This composition, a combination of dance and theater, seeks to bring to the stage that intense moment where the sorcerer crosses beyond her own limits. It takes it's title from Taisha Abelar's book and is based on a chapter from Carlos Castaneda's Teachings of Don Juan. (2011)
  2. La Tejedora de Vientos
    The Windweaver A woman from the high plains, the ancient and lonely Windweaver descends from the mountain to bring the value of human ancestral knowledge to the present. Her power comes from time immemorial.  She knows the secret of wind evocation, moves passions and weaves people's destinies. This play is inspired by Andean culture values and was performed in streets and schools. (2014)
  3. El Gabán
    The Gaban A dance-theater composition based on a character of the Venezuelan llanero (plains) world. The Gaban, a mixture of bird and man, is in a struggle between animal and human, under constant mutation somewhere between earth and sky. This choreography combines elements of theater, music, traditional and contemporary dance, making use of technology such as synthesizers and loopers for the dancer to interacts with. Based on research done for an undergraduate thesis, The Gaban proposes exploration of identity based on Llanero culture of the Venezuelan plains and its connections with universal archetypes. (2014)
  4. La Naciente
    The Naciente is a play that tells the story of a character that goes through the cycle of life and death. Warrior at first, she dies in battle and walks through the underworld to later become a nascent, a stream of water that starts out as a drop of water and then flows into the ocean. This play is represented in three very distinct choreographies in a live musical performance: The Warrior, which shows the struggle between life and death; The Road to Silence, which shows the trajectory of the Warrior as she is liberated from suffering; and The Naciente, in which we see the rebirth of the character. Water sounds are a key component of the musical composition of the piece. (2012)
  5. Luna de Sangre
    Blood Moon Blood Moon, is a play about female archetypes and the relationship between female cycles and moon cycles. This time the phases of the moon are a guide to understand and connect with archetypes and fundamental stages of women, such as: Maiden, Mother, Witch and Old Woman. From these various feminine aspects , Raíz de Agua proposes a visual and audio journey that takes us into the symbolic world of the woman, her blood, her moon. (2015)
  6. Papelón
    Papelón is Raíz de Agua's first production. It is the result of the early encounters between a dancer and two musicians trying to find new ways to communicate and creat. This project consists of a set of original compositions and choreographies that include Venezuelan music, jazz and flamenco and Afro-Venezuelan rhythms. (2008)
  7. Un, Dos, Tres
    Improvisations. Direction: Eric Urriola. (2016)
  8. Threshold
    Umbral "...Al ángel le gustaría quedarse, despertar a los muertos y recomponer lo que ha quedado reducido a pedazos. Pero una tempestad sopla desde el paraíso y esta se ha enredado con tal fuerza en sus alas que el ángel ya no puede plegarlas..." Walter Benjamin. (2018)