​​Raíz de Agua
Juliana Mendonca
   Venezuelan Contemporary Dance performer, choreographer and teacher. Graduated with a degree in dance from University Institute of Caracas, Venezuela (IUDANZA - UNEARTE) in 2005, she also served as an instructor at the Performing Arts Department of the University of the Andes in Mérida, Venezuela (U.L.A.) (2012-2015); and at the Traditional Dance Program of the National University for the Arts (UNEARTE) (2008); Juliana also served as an independent Yoga and Latin Rhythms dance teacher. In 2011 she received certification as a Yoga instructor by the Physiology of Exercise Program of the University of the Andes (U.L.A.), Mérida, Venezuela.
    In 2005, Juliana co-founded Raíz de Agua, a music and dance company, which is her principal artistic endeavor. Since then, she has performed mostly as a solo artist with the Company and through dance has found a way to connect her creativity to spirit and nature, compounded with a unique feminine and artistic self-awareness. 

    Juliana has worked in collaboration with other artists and companies such as Sarta de Cuentas, an Afro-Venezuelan contemporary dance company, Fundación Andróginos, a physical theater company and played the leading role in Xarop, a movie about Venezuelan Llanero music and dance. She has also worked in a wide variety of projects and events in conventional and non-conventional spaces such as plazas, galleries, museums, parks and national and international festivals such as: 21 Marató L'Espectacle (Barcelona, Spain. 2004), Festival Internacional Mujeres en La Danza (Quito, Ecuador. 2005, 2007), Festival Jóvenes Coreógrafos (Caracas, Venezuela. 2003, 2004, 2005), Festival del Movimiento, (Mérida, Venezuela. 2004, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014), VI Festival Mundial de Solos y Duetos (Caracas, Venezuela. 2009), Festival Internacional de Teatro (Tovar, Venezuela. 2011, 2013, 2015) and V Encuentro Internacional Augusta Gran Fraternidad Universal, (Mérida, Venezuela. 2014). 
Juliana currently lives in Oakland, California with her husband and daughter, working as a dancer, choreographer and teacher.
Carlos Caminos
    Carlos Caminos is a composer and guitarist that has close to 20 years of experience as a performer and composer and has worked in very diverse music projects and venues. He studied Flamenco with teachers Carlos Zárate and Emilio Maya, and Flamenco Guitar Intermediate course in Carmen de las Cuevas School (Granada, Spain, 2001) and Jazz guitar with Johann Espinoza, founder of Bajo Sospecha group (Mérida, Venezuela, 1999).
    He has worked in the following projects: Rostros concert for Group and Symphonic Orchestras with the Latifonia Foundation (Venezuela, 2008); live music and dance group Raíz de Agua (Venezuela, 2004) under the direction of Juliana Mendonca; Afro-Venezuelan rock group Mirada Interna (Venezuela, 2015), directed by Jorge Espinoza; Café pa' 3 (Venezuela, 2013), Latin American and world music covers; contemporary Venezuelan music group A Tono Acústico (Venezuela, 2014) directed by Sergio Torres; New Caminos (Venezuela, 2014) piano and guitar duet. He has also performed as guest artist in other projects such as the Mérida Jazz Big-Band (Venezuela, 2015) under the direction of Pablo Gil and comedy groups such as La Corbata Musical (Venezuela, 2015).
     He has produced and composed music for dance, theater, TV shows, short films and animated short films: Laboratorio Musical (2015) TV series directed by Carlos Monagas; Bakiro (2016), animated short film directed by Miguel New; Niños en la Cumbre (2014), TV series produced by Explorart Films; Soja (2012), short film directed by Gabriel Lacruz, and others.
Carlos Caminos has also worked as an educator and researcher in programs designed for high schools and different communities.
    Since 2016 he has been working in Oakland and San Francisco, California, in venues and projects such as Mission Arts Performance Project and Mission Dance Theater Showcase and musicians such as Sascha Jacobsen and David Byrd.
Jorge Espinoza
Drummer, pianist, singer, composer and music arranger. Born in Mérida - Venezuela, Jorge Espinoza has been a member of Bajo Sospecha Group since 1996, a group characterized by the fusion of Jazz, Latin American and World Music.
    He is a member and founder of the following groups: Bilongo (1997) Latin Jazz; Raíz de Agua (2005) Dance, Music and Theater; Swosky (2005) Electronic Music; Latinfonía (2006) Latin American Music and its influences; Café pa’ 3 (2009) popular music covers in different languages; Mirada Interna (2012) Afro-Venezuelan Drum Beats, Rock, Jazz and Electronic Music Fusion.

    Jorge Espinoza has worked as a musician and composer in Androgino and Caverna plays, both directed by Gabriel Torres.
   In 2010 he releases his first album as a solo artist “Jorge Espinoza - Mirada Interna”. In 2013 he directs and produces a series of short films for the “Ciega Fuerza” live show.
    He is currently working as a teacher, audio engineer and video editor as well as a musician for his different music projects.